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Travel Map New York City

Introduction New York is the most densely packed city of the United States, which has a charm of its own. Its building, parks, and museums, are all a visual delight.

When to visit
New York is really chilly in the winters whereas in summers the place gets crowded with international tourists. So if you want to enjoy the place without the bustling tourists’ activities, summer and fall are the ideal time to plan your vacations.

What to see
There are many places to visit in New York City but a few popular ones are mentioned below:

Times Square
Times Square with all its billboards and lighting display has become a visual treat for its visitors’ eyes. The place is always full of people walking in the thick crowd and it seems that all the life on earth has found a place to come and enjoy and that is Times Square.

Empire Estate Building
If you want to observe all the beauty of New York City from one place then the 1050 ft high observatory at the Empire Estate Building is the place to be at. To watch the City’s bright lights at nights is a mesmerizing experience and equally enchanting as one sees the building’s architecture from a distance

What to eat
New York City is the best place to entertain your taste buds. One does not have to worry about food while visiting New York as you can get all types of food with a varied taste ranging from a hot dog to a sophisticated four course dinner without even hurting your pocket.

Where to shop
For all those shopping lovers who believe in the phrase “shop till you drop” New York City is an ideal retreat. From popular brands to that small shop at the street corner, everybody has something to offer you. And if you still do not buy any thing the experience will still be there with you forever.

To reach New York City you can easily book a flight from various airlines whose charges vary from one service provider to another. The City offers several modes of transportation from trains to buses.   The city is well connected by all means for your convenience.