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New York Tourist Attractions

New York City is a prominent cultural center of the United States of America. It houses a multitude of museums, art galleries and other venues where varied art forms are exhibited.

It is one of the most happening cities of the U.S., which is always bright and colorful. There are numerous places of tourist attraction in the City of New York.

Popular Tourist Attractions
•  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest museums of art in the entire Western Hemisphere. The museum serves as the best place to catch the glimpses of the works of renowned artists. It has such an amazing collection that spectators are bound to get astonished. Its permanent collection includes portraits, miniature paintings, and textiles, intricately carved sculptures of the colonial era, objects made up of precious metals, arms and armor, instruments of historical, technical and social value.

•  Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty hold a special significance for being a symbol of friendship and love. It was presented by the people of France to the people of the United States, as a token of peaceful relations between the two countries in the year 1886. It signifies democracy and freedom. The 152 feet high Statue of Liberty stands majestically. In the year 1924, it was officially declared as a national monument. People come from all across the world to take a close view of this grand statue.

•  Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge is indeed an architectural wonder, the view of which leaves the onlookers completely spellbound. It serves as a wonderful landmark to explain the City’s routes, which can be completely attributed to its popularity. The bridge that has a short stretch of about 1.5 km, which provides you with an option to undertake walk and glance at the skyline of Manhattan. The view that it provides is truly awe inspiring.

•  Bronx Zoo
Bronx zoo is a popular urban zoo in New York City. This place is of great interest to tourists, as they get an opportunity to view gorillas in their natural habitat. It is home to a large number of wild birds and animals. Another added attraction is the tiger mountain that brings you in close contact with the tigers that belong to the family of cats.

•  Central Park
Amidst the serene lakes, winding paths and zoological gardens bordered by tall green trees, Central Park is yet another tourist attraction destination. It serves as a great place for hideout. People come here to take pleasure in viewing the scenic beauty of this place. People visit the park to carry out several activities such as skateboarding, walking and other sporting activities. It is a paradise for the bird watchers.