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New York Tour Vacations

New York City has been able to maintain its grandeur and significance. It is true that it is going through a constant state of flux but it remains same at the core. This is the reason why the City holds a very prominent place in the list of most visited tourist places worldwide.

When planning tour to spend vacations in New York City, it is essential that you get beforehand information regarding places of attraction like gardens, theaters, rest parks and monuments.

Visitors in New York City on a tour can able to enjoy each and every moment of their vacations they spend in the city. The parks of the city are one of the main attractions for its visitors.

Central Park: It is the all time favorite place of New Yorkers as well as visitors. It takes the form of party central of the city on some specific days particularly on weekends. One can enjoy the snow or the sun according to the season.  Despite of having huge crowd, it is the place that can offer a little peace and quiet; here one gets an opportunity to be one with the nature.

Riverside Park: No doubt, central park is the king of parks; nevertheless, Riverside Park is also a place worth visiting. The twisting route along the Hudson River provides with a number of lovely river vistas, fourteen playgrounds, tennis courts, softball and soccer that make the place very eligible to be visited by the visitors on a New York City tour.   

Battery Park: It is located at the southernmost tip of Manhattan. The park is christened for the cannons. These cannons were built to protect residents of the city after the American Revolution named Castle Clinton National Monument. However, it is another thing that it has never been used for the same purpose. This is the place from where the tickets for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Ferry can be procured. 

One comes across number of statues and memorials spread all over the park other than T-shirt vendors and carts selling hot dogs.  While sitting on a bench in the park, one can enjoy the nice sight out across the harbor.    

In addition to the parks in the city, prominent attractions of the city includes Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, Empire State Building, Museum of Modern Artís, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, and the Bronx .