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New York City has a very active nightlife. People here believe in living their lives to the fullest. There are numerous restaurants that specialize in cuisines of various kinds.

It is indeed a hub of life, where every night, large groups of people can be seen walking along the roadside or making merriment in one of the happening nightclubs of New York City. The city is truly a paradise for food lovers. In the nighttime, it comes out alive with various activities.

Well, talking about the restaurants in New York City, there are innumerable options available, which offer various cuisines ranging from Japanese and American to Asian and French. You can find every variety of food here. Thus, people have a liberty to make a choice from a vast range of options.
The cuisines prepared in these restaurants are so alluring and mouthwatering that any person would end up eating more. The tummy gets full, but the appetite satisfaction is not there. The exotic flavors and wonderful aroma succeeds in making the City’s visitors enter the restaurants.

Popular Restaurants
•   Gascogne: Located in the Chelsea district of New York City, the restaurant provides world class ambience. It is basically a bistro that specializes in French cuisine and even the waiters here speak French. It has an adequate indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangement.

•   Il Mulino: It is one of the most well known Italian restaurants in New York city. It is not a very spacious eating joint, but the food that it offers is so delicious that it makes the visit to this restaurant worthwhile.

•    Abboccato: This restaurant is located within the premises of the renowned Blakely Hotel. It is basically a Mediterranean restaurant that is indeed an epitome of sophistication and elegance. Anyone who visits this restaurant must try out the French and Italian wines.

Popular Nightclubs
•    Maritime Hotel: It is a very vibrant place that draws huge crowds in the night. Located within the premises of the Maritime Hotel, the place boasts of a trendy nightlife. There is a nightclub called Hiro, which is designed according to the Japanese theme. It also has a fabulous bar that is located in 6,000 square feet long patio.

•    B-Bar and Grill:  B Bar is one of the best places to enjoy the summer drinks. The place is also visited by celebrities on occasional basis. This in itself is evocative of the class ambience it provides and the fabulous nightlife scene that takes place here.

The time when others prepare for a good night sleep, the city becomes ready to party. In New York City, the concept of girls’ night out is quite common. Anyone who plans a vacation to savor the scenic beauty of New York City must make it a point to witness the nightlife of this beautiful place.

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