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New York City Information

New York City is the most populous city in the U.S., which is located at the Southeastern tip of New York State and officially known as the City of New York.

New York City is the center of culture and commerce. One is sure to get inspiration at every turn right from the Statue of Liberty to Long Island City.

From the geographical point of view, New York City is located in between Washington D.C. and Boston, Massachusetts. Since it is located on the banks of the Hudson River, the city has been able to emerge as a significant trading center. Most of the part of the city is built on three islands namely Manhattan, Staten Island and Western Long Island, resulting in the scarcity of land and high population density. The total land area of New York City is 831.4 sq km.

Next informative thing about New York City is its climate. Due to its coastal location, the temperature of the city remains warm as compared to that of the inland regions during winter season. Spring and fall season in the city are bit unpredictable and can transform into hot and humid from cold and snowy. However, they can be cool or rainy at times. Unlike the preceding months, summers are quite warm and humid and the temperature can go up to 90° F i.e. 32°C. 

New York City comprises of five boroughs and hundreds neighborhoods.Another important aspect adding to the information about New York City is its culture. The culture of the city is more or less erratic like that of its weather. The city constitutes more than 2,000 arts and cultural organizations other than roughly estimated 500 art galleries.

New York City is one of the highly visited places in the U.S. Approximately, 40 million foreign tourists as well as Americans visit the city annually. It has numerous major as well as minor tourist attractions such as the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, Times Square are just to name few.    The accent of New Yorkers is different from that of the populace in other regions in the country. The City has its own regional speech pattern known as the New York dialect. This dialect is well recognized in American English.  

New York City follows the educational system of public schools. Though there are about extra 900 privately run schools and about 594,000 university students, the city is not considered as a ‘College Town.’In overall, the City is considered unique, which is evident from the fact that anyone who has visited the city once, wishes to visit it again.