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The culture of New York City has a very diverse culture, as it has been predominantly influenced by immigrants from across the world. It does not have a culture based on single ethnicity, but a blend of various cultures, ethnicities and social codes that together present a perfect picture of unity in diversity.

The multi-culture environment makes New York City unique and worth admiring. Today, this city is known as the cultural capital of the U.S. The City of New York has a rich cultural legacy, which took its initial inspiration from several American movements.

In the beginning of 1900s, the City of New York witnessed great movements of immigration. Large groups of people including the poor and underprivileged migrated from Europe. They spent quite a reasonable amount of time in the United States. During their struggle to move out of the slums, they left an imprint on New York City, thereby making it as a popular cultural hub in the country.

By 1940ís, the entire city got swayed by the Jazz music and dance performances. The period of 1950s saw the concept of abstract expressionism ruling the entire city. Punk rock was a new dance form that came into the limelight during 1970s. New York City has come a long way and today it is known for being a prominent center of dance, music, theater, films and fine arts.

At present, the city of New York has over 2000 organizations of art and culture. The affluent entrepreneurs of the 19th century pooled resources and established a wide network of cultural institutions such as the Whitney Museum of American Art. During the beginning of the 20th century, the city witnessed a new trend of performing the modern dances of America.

New York City serves as home for large groups of people coming from different countries, speaking different languages and with a different cultural background. The inhabitants of New York City consist of businessmen, international immigrants as well as students, who come from all over the world to fulfill their dreams and convert them into reality.

Past few centuries have witnessed that many people have been coming here for varied reasons such as creating business relations, carrying out further studies and seeking refuge. Some of the main language groups here are British, Chinese, African American, Puerto Rican, Korean, Irish, Italian, Jewish, African, and Arabia. New York City can be best described as a multi-ethnic and multilingual city.

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