New Orleans Travel Guide

The city is known for its joie de vivre as given in New Orleans travel guide. New Orleans is known as a place where immigrants have settled over the centuries.

The first wave of immigrants came as African slaves, and then there were those who were fleeing the French revolution and came to the US shores as refuges as given in New Orleans travel guide.

The entire mix of refugees coming has given rise to a culture thatís unique to New Orleans. This culture is known as Creole and is part of the food, language, clothes and literature and lifestyle.

Go to the French Quarter, one of the major New Orleans tourist attractions as per New Orleans travel guide and a must see on the list is the French Market. (Hurricane Katrina has caused extensive damage, please check New Orleans travel guide before making travel plans) the market has been in operation since 1812 and is a farmerís market where you can find the fresh produce.

There are many stalls that sell T-shirts and small trinkets as souvenirs. Find eclectic spices, food mix and a whole lot of Creole food and culture while you shop here. New Orleans travel guide says that the best part is that itís open for 24 hours in a week seven days a week and you will love the atmosphere here.

Visit the Aquarium of the Americaís when you check New Orleans travel guide, with the finest display of the underwater world. The display consists of the Caribbean Sea and the Amazon rainforest. You can even visit the Marie laveauís House of Voodoo.  Visitors coming to this place can get their destinies read. Itís a place where both adults and children can enjoy.

Enjoy the finest cuisines as per New Orleans travel guide that include Cajun and Grill specialties enjoy a hearty meal, while here. Enjoy the Po Boy sandwiches and a hearty breakfast. The ribs and the grilled specialties especially the fish are worth waiting for according to the New Orleans travel guide. Enjoy the most in the French Quarters and the Waterfront as they are one of the New Orleans tourist attractions said in New Orleans travel guide.

Donít forget a visit to the Commanderís Place, without which the trip to New Orleans is incomplete, New Orleans travel guide, declares. The dining is exceptional and for this the wait is worth it.  There are many of the fines hotels here and other hotels that will suit the pocket of each traveler.

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