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Miami is known as the city of glitz, glamour and pleasure. It is one of the most action-packed beach cities. Well, that does not mean that beaches are the only places of attraction.

There are lot many places of tourist attraction in Miami such as the historical sites, sea aquarium and the wetland park. This inexplicable city has a lot to offer to its visitors.

There are so many places to visit in Miami that it is really difficult to decide as to which place to see first. Visiting a museum sounds little bit boring. But the best thing about Miami is that, you will find everything exciting in this city, even its museums are a package of entertainment. Miami Science Museum is a combination of interactive designs and collections of natural history samples. It is a real fun place that provides an adventurous experience with projected astronomy.

The main highlight includes the laser light shows. Seaquarium is one of the prime attractions of Miami. It is known worldwide for its aquatic life shows that include killer whales and television aquatic stars and dolphins performing live in front of the visitors.Another place in Miami that is worth a visit is the Miami-Dade Cultural centre, which is not that appealing but is very famous for its surplus creative and significant evidences. It displays the up-to-date and fashionable creations of American, Caribbean and Latin American artists.

Within the premises of this cultural centre, there is an historical museum that provides its visitors a valuable insight into the history, culture, archaeology and folklore of South Florida and the Caribbean. Those who have a fancy for antique items must visit Vizcaya bayfront villa built in the Italian Renaissance style.

This magnificent mansion is surrounded by ceremonial gardens, which lends it a fantastic outlook. It is known for its unique interior decorations in the Rococco, Baroque, and Neoclassical styles. The visit to Miami is incomplete without a visit to Coral Castle. This legendary monument is the result of undying love of a Latvian colonist, who carved a palace out of rock between the Florida Keys and Miami all alone spending 25 precious years of his life.

 Also known as America's Stonehenge, this legendary monument speaks of the strong determination of man. Tourists will be overwhelmed to see the palace, which also contains the proclamations from neighbors, who had witnessed with their own eyes that the builder had no one to assist him in this cumbersome task.

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