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Miami occupies third place in the most preferred holidaying hubs by the visitors worldwide. The weather of the city also plays significant role in it. Most of the days in Miami remain sunny and warm throughout the year.

The weather of Miami is truly tropical as it has hot and humid summers while the winter here is warm and dry winters. The city goes through cold fronts during the months from November to March.

The average monthly temperature in Miami has never gone under 64.4F; thus classifying the weather as tropical.

Summers are almost like weather of the Caribbean tropics. In addition to this, summers season is also known as wet season as most of the rain takes place during this season on the other hand, winter season is referred as dry season. Also, the hurricane season takes place together with wet season. The main prominent reason behind the city being tropical is its height from sea level, coastal location other than its being located right above the Tropic of cancer. The warm and humid weather of the city is owed to the Gulf Stream that keeps the climate moderate throughout the year.

A hot summer day may have temperature up to 75F, while temperature between 30 to 35 C usually has high humidity. Afternoon thunderstorms or a soothing sea breeze developed off the Atlantic Ocean gives relief from this humidity. Thus, the temperature along with humidity is lowered and the cool weather is developed. Temperature normally remains at 40F at this time.

Miami has sufficient rainfall; rather it is among the cities in the U.S. that receives abundant rainfall. Rainy season is usually starts in the mid-May and lasts till early October. The annual rainfall in Miami is 58.6 inches. Nevertheless, there is high variability in rainfall rates in the city.

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Winter: Winter is the most adored as well as popular season in Miami. The temperature remains approximately 59-76F i.e. 15-24C on the average during this season. This time is very comfortable as days are warm and humidity is tolerable while the nights are comparatively cool. This season starts in near the beginning of November to late April.    

Summers: Summer season in Miami is hot and humid. The temperature may rise somewhere between 26-31C. The season also has scanty rainfall while there is usually heaviest rainfall during the months of September and October. Summers season in the city lasts till October from the month of May.

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