Miami Restaurants And Nightclubs

The splendid city of Miami comes out alive in the night, with people eating, drinking and dancing to the tunes of popular numbers in one of the nightclubs or bars. People belonging to the tinsel world of entertainment spend their night splurging loads of money on partying. Late evening is usually the party time for people in Miami.

It is their way of relaxing and soothing their nerves. Music, drinks, dance is what their life is all about. There is a burgeoning growth in the number of trendy lounges, classy restaurants and of course the most admired hip night clubs.

Even, the concept of open air cafes is quite in. Miami boasts of its excellent bistros that range from all the rage restaurants to business and budget eateries. The most prominent area of nightlife scene is the South beach.

Popular Restaurants

Pacific Time
It is one of the most voguish restaurants located in the vicinity of South beach, which is known for its finest cuisines. The cuisines range from the American and Asian to the Pacific Rim cuisine. The specialty of this restaurant lies in its exotic dishes that are highly flavored. The overall ambience is absolutely elegant and this makes the visit truly worth. Each of its dishes is prepared in an entirely different way, which is well liked by most of the people.

Caffe Abbracci
This restaurant is widely appreciated for its amazing decoration.  Its wooden and marble setting raises the bar of standard and makes the restaurant stand out majestically above all others. The fragrance of fresh flowers is so refreshing that it completely relaxes the tired body. For organizing a business gathering or hosting a business party, it serves as the best place. It primarily focuses on the trendy cuisine. Some of its must try dishes are carpaccio, antipasti and pasta.

Tantra has a unique grassy floor entryway that leads its visitors to the dining room and lounge. The Middle Eastern music sets the mood of the evening. Its specialty is its fusion seafood and meat that is cooked using the Asian ingredients.

Popular Nightclubs

It is one of the most happening places in Miami. It feels as if a flood of people has arrived in the city at night. The rocking music of this nightclub will make you dance till late night. There are a couple of pool side bars for the visitors to enjoy. Its outdoor décor has simply no match. It provides a number of amenities such as swimming pool, open air café, indoor sports bar etc.

Club Deep
Since its inception in the year 1997, it has been constantly mesmerizing the people. It is one of the hottest and the most popular nightclubs all over the world. Its captivating light show, amazing music, extraordinary lounge and scrumptious food sets it apart from others.

To conclude, each and every Miami visitor must take a look at the nightlife scene, because wining and dining is what Miami is all about.

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