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The people of Miami are real foodies and therefore lay a great emphasize on drinking and dining. There is a multitude of restaurants and cafes in the wonderful city of Miami that provide scrumptious food to its visitors. These restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from Continental, Latin and Asian to Italian and Caribbean.

Miami is famous for its beachside view and this explains the reason for the high popularity of seafood. One of the most popular cuisines is the fusion cuisine of the localites known as “Floribbean". It is actually a blend of three cuisines, namely Caribbean, South American and Continental.

In most of the city’s restaurants, people hog on seafood, which is the specialty of this marvelous city. The most popular seafood items include oysters, yellowtail, Swordfish and lobsters. The ethnic specialties that make it to the top in the menu list are Argentine churrasco, Peruvian seafood and Brazilian rodizio. There are a handful of Cuban bistros that provide an absolutely appetizing food and that too at a very reasonable price.

 In other words, it can be said that, they provide the best of all, as in good ambience, mouthwatering food and tasty drinks and an affordable price. Those who are seeking inexpensive food options, which are at the same time tummy filling, for them gourmet Italian food serves as the best choice. If you are in a lookout for a place, where you can be a part of the Celebrities and enjoy the feast with them, there are numerous restaurants that are frequently visited by the stars.

 Such restaurants charge a pretty high price for the excellent ambience they are providing. Most of the youngsters occupy a table at one of the open air restaurants and indulge in wining and dining. Miami houses a large number of steakhouses that serve simply delectable food. On the weekends, people can be more often seen eating the fresh seafood, primarily fish at one of the local spots. After that, they usually prefer spending the rest part of the day at leisure enjoying on the cove along with a frozen drink.

There are wonderful options available for gourmet dining. Coconut Grove is a small place that lies in the heart of Miami. It takes pride in declaring itself as one of the best places to enjoy the gourmet cuisine.  There are plenty of Cuban eateries in the Little Havana, which is located in Central Miami. To conclude, there are innumerable options of food and drink in the city of Miami. Thus, it gives you plenty of options to exercise choice from.

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