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A visit to Miami is sufficient to give you the insight of this bright city shining under the sunny Florida skies. However, it was not so always. It was only after 1920s, when this town took the shape of fun seaside capital.

It may be referred as the city of retirees as it provides sunny spots for holidaying to them.

Miami is one of the most prominent financial centers. It is also the center of headquarters of various Latin America operations for number of MNCs. It comprises America Airlines, Microsoft, SBC and Sony. Tourism holds place in the economy of Miami.

Miami holds 46th place when it comes to population in the U.S. Various languages such as French, German, Hebrew and Russian. The official languages of the city are English, Spanish and Haitian Creole. The city has been able to earn fame among the tourist worldwide due to its Latin and Caribbean friendly atmosphere.

Airport of the city is among one of the busiest airports in the world.  It has extensive international route network which allows persistent non-stop flights to more than seventy international cities in Europe, the Middle East and North and South America.  

The Port of Miami is the prominent seaport of the city other than being the largest cruise ship around the globe. Local public transportation of the city comprises Metrobus and Metromover and a subway rapid transport system. Additionally, a suburban system i.e. Tri-Rail establishes connectivity between the prominent cities and airports of the metropolitan area of South Florida. 

Climate information is crucial part of any city information as it enables the tourists to know about the best time when they should take a visit to the place.

The climate of the Miami is tropical. Summers here are humid while winters are warm. The city encounters cold from November to March; however the weather remains warm and humid throughout the year except these months. Most of the rain is in summer which is termed as wet season and this period lasts from the month of May to September while the winter is mostly dry season. The hurricane season in Miami also happens to be with the wet season.

When to Visit Miami
Months from December to April are considered as ideal time to visit Miami. It is warm but not hot. Moreover, numerous cultural activities as well as special events take place during this period. But for those who can face the heat should plan their visit in the months between June and October. They can enjoy less congested Miami and will have nice travel experience which is cheap compared to the visit in winter.

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