Language And Culture In Miami

The culture of Miami is very lively and is greatly influenced by Latin culture. People from various places like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti and other Latin American countries are living in this city.

About 60 percent of its population consists of immigrants. The culture of Miami is very diverse, which can be attributed to its people coming from different cultural backgrounds.

There is a wide difference in the income level of Miamis. On one hand, there are real affluent people who can afford to buy the best of all. While on the other hand, there are people who donít even adequate means to have their proper meals. Thus, there is a wide gap that is difficult to bridge.

Little Havana comes out alive with cultural activities. The place houses a large number of restaurants, cigar factories, record stores etc. Its Calle Ocho Street is very well-known for its Latin revelries. There are a few central parks, where the residents can indulge in social gatherings and also carry out political demonstrations.

Miami is more often referred to as the hometown of large Italian, French, French Canadian, Russian and German civilizations. These civilizations have influenced large parts in and around Miami, thereby resulting in the establishment of area neighborhoods like Little San Juan, Little Haiti, Little Havana, and Little Managua.

Talking about the dance culture of Miami, every now and then various cultural shows are hosted including music shows, ballet and opera. One of the most popular traditional dance forms is the Calumet dance. It was initially performed to gain strength and power before going to the battlefield. Other dance performances that take place in Miami are ballroom and salsa.

Miami is a multilinguistic city, where a large number of languages are spoken. The administrative languages of the city of Miami are English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole (French Creole). Spanish is the first administrative language of Miami that is spoken by 67 percent people. English is the mother tongue of 25 percent population. 5-6% people speak French Creole.

Other languages that are spoken in Miami are Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic at, Chinese, and Greek. These are spoken by 0.41%, 0.18%, 0.16%, 0.15%, 0.11%, and 0.08% of the population respectively. Miami is one of the most populated cities of the U.S. Out of its total population; near about 75% people prefer to speak their own native language first and then use English.

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