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The weather in Los Angels is under the effect of Mediterranean climate under the classification system of Koppen, which is the most commonly followed climatic classification system in the world.

The summers in this region are thus hot. The summer season is drier as compared to the winters here. The summers in general are hot in Los Angeles.

The winters, on the other hand, are cool to cold due to the oceanic effect. The city receives a lot of rainfall every year in the winters. The summers are drier like any typical Mediterranean climate region. 

The summers in general in Los Angeles are very hot. The month of September can be considered as the hottest month of the year. In September, the Temperature may happen to be above 40 degrees centigrade. The lowest Temperatures in the city of Los Angeles are recorded in the months of December and January. The temperature in the months of winters may go as low as 32 degrees centigrade. The difference in the temperature of the two seasons is not very much.

The range of temperature is not very high. The reason behind this natural phenomenon is that there is a very strong effect of the proximity of the Pacific Ocean. The presence of a huge water body makes the climate milder. The continental climates in general are of extreme nature. The climates of places which have huge water bodies located near by are generally milder. The range of temperature in that case is not very prominent.

If you want to look at the average amount of rainfall that Los Angeles receives every year, you will notice that it gets some 14 inches of rainfall annually which makes it a drier part of the continent. Being located near the Ocean, it does receive rain fall, but most of it falls in the winter season, or in the spring season. The months of December, January and February are the wettest months.

The climate in general is not unbearable in any part of the year. It is a nice place to visit in the winter season, but it is bearable and enjoyable in summers as well. The Time in Los Angeles is -8 hours from GMT when there is no day light saving. In the days of day light saving, the difference shrinks to seven hours from GMT. It is a nice city to visit for all those who are interested in traveling.

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