History of Los Angeles

The present state of a city is always a result of what the past has been. Every city has its unique history and so does Los Angeles. Los Angeles is one of the most important and populous cites of the world.

It is located in the California state of the United States of America. The location of this city is towards the south of the state. Los Angeles is well known as a tourist attraction.

One of the reasons behind this fact is the close proximity of the world’s most important entertainment industry. The present sate of the city of Los Angles is impressive. It has reached this current well developed and economically very strong situation after passing through a lot of historical events.

Los Angeles and especially its coastal belt were first occupied by some Native American tribes. Portuguese were the first Europeans who reached Los Angeles. The first of the Europeans reached the coast of Los Angeles back in the year 1542. Although the person who first reached here was a Portuguese, but the place was made a part of the Spanish Empire. After becoming a part of this empire, this region was forgotten for the next two centuries. There was no proper settlement in this area by the Europeans. Crespi was a missionary who came here in 1769. At that time it was noticed that this place has all the needed potential lot be converted into a highly populated city.

The actual development if the town started in the year 1777. In 1777 the governor of this region suggested that the place which Crespi has pointed out should be converted into a city. The city was founded in the year 1781. There were 44 settler groups at that time. The city still belonged to the Spanish Empire at that time. It was inhabited not only by the local people but also by some European settlers.

In 1821 the region was separated from the Spanish Empire. It became a part of Mexico. In 1847 the Americans got hold of the region completely after going through many battles. It was in the year 1848 when this region was made a part of the United States of America by the Mexicans. Afterwards, this region has developed at a very fast pace and at present it is one of the best developed regions of the world with a high degree of economic development.

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