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The best time to travel to London is not really a significant aspect to consider as it is a year-round vacationing center, with few of its attractions closing or significantly reducing their opening hours in winter.

In case you wish to experience good weather, you are advised to visit London at the height of summer in July and August. However, there is certainly no guarantee of sun even in those months plus it is the time when you can expect the largest crowds and maximum prices.

Widespread globalization has assured that most western countries generally dress the same way so you can bring in clothes that you are comfortable in. Even theaters are generally casual so it is not obligatory to always wear skirts and stockings or ties and jackets. However, if you are going to places like Knightsbridge, Brampton Cross or Harrods, you might want to bring a ‘smart-casual’ outfit, as these places tend to be more stylish and may not entertain visitors dressed in casual clothing.

 Temperatures in London range from 54 to 77ºF in the summer, to 36 to 54ºF in the winter. So bring reasonable clothing and an umbrella and with frequently changing temperatures you are advised to dress in layers. London’s climate is among the mildest in England, with moist but mild winters and moderate summers. Yet London's weather is nothing if not inconsistent as such you can expect clouds and rain even in high summer. Temperatures in July and August average around 64°F but can sporadically soar to 85°F or more.

In spring and autumn the temperatures averages around 50-58°F. In winter the temperature hovers below 42°F. The city of London rarely experiences freezing. That may seem gentle, but the dampness can often make it feel two or three times as cold. If you are still uncertain as to which month should one visit to London than simply follow the mentioned steps that will certainly make life much easier.

It is advisable to avoiding the whole of July in if you thinking of going to any part of Europe. You could try asking the tourist bureau for statistics on when London attractions are crammed up and when which are the rather less busy times of year to visit London.

Before visiting London you could simply indulge in a little research and check to see if there are any special celebrations or events. Also keep a special note if there are any local holidays that might have an impact on your trip to London. Last but not the least do check for the opening hours and seasons of any specific attractions or sights that you wish to visit in London.

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