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In general, almost all the cities provide tourists with specific entertainment districts along with the other popular attractions of the city. But, Las Vegas is one big entertainment district.

The Las Vegas Boulevard is the centre of attraction of the Las Vegas which starts from the centre of Downtown in north to the Strip in south.

The city is divided into 2 parts, Downtown and Strip. Downtown is also called Glitter Gulch because of its neon signs flashing lights, which is the quintessence of historical Las Vegas. The Strip includes the most contemporary and ambitious casinos.

Although Las Vegas is commonly known as the city of casinos, there are number of other attractions that are worth to visit. Wynn Las Vegas is the latest landmark opened in 2005 which is enclosed in bronze and reflects the sun of the desert. Another common attraction is Bellagio, the most popular casino-hotel which features a contemporary art gallery, a shopping mall sheathed with glass and a dance water show. Other popular attractions are Freemont Street famous for its nightlife, MGM Grand which is the world’s largest hotel, Caesars Palace which is known for its historical aspects, Mirage which is the leading outdoor spectacle and Las Vegas Natural History Museum which displays the natural and wildlife.

Other than the casinos, Las Vegas is also known for its shopping centers. As shopping centers attract a mass of the tourists, so a lot of shopping options are available in Las Vegas. The tourists can give a visit either to boutiques or factory outlets for shopping where you can get a variety of orthodox outfits.

The shopping centers are situated everywhere the tourists pass by, all they need to have is money in their pockets. The most popular shopping centers are the Venetian's Grand Canal Shoppes, the Desert Passage, the Bellagio's up market, and Caesars Palace Forum. Branded goods offered at reasonable prices by the factory outlets makes them very popular. The Fashion Show Mall is among the oldest and prestigious mall in the city which also features various food junctions and a fashion show almost everyday.

Beside the common attractions of Las Vegas, there are certain other parks and sanctuaries that feature various kinds of wildlife and a number of adventurous activities. The most popular of them is Red Rock Canyon which comes under National Conservation Area and provides a lovely drives and picnic areas. Big Bend State Park, Hoover Dam, National Recreation Area, Valley of Fire State Park, Zion National Park, and Grand Canyon are the other popular excursions of the city Las Vegas.

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