Las Vegas Travel Map

Millions of people every year take a trip to this one time backwater gambling mecca i.e. Los Vegas. However, the city has transformed beautifully and in a very amazing way into a culinary, incredible nightlife, shopping capital with lots of other numerous features.

The city has so much to offer that even a huge crowd can easily congregate here without having claustrophobic feel.

When to Travel Las Vegas
From the economic point of view, the cheapest time to take a visit to the city is the months of July and August as the mercury is on rise this time which leads to dropped hotel prices. On the other hand, Christmas and New Year are the time when the city has maximum number of tourists. Again after the holiday, there is decline in the business in the months January and February.

There is nothing to worry about the shows that go in Las Vegas as most of out of these shows keep on running round the year. The only missing thing will be the seasonal shows. These shows disappear from the scenario after the celebration of Christmas and New Year.      

 If you love shopping, rest assured you will have an excellent shopping experience and you can shop till you drop. There is Forum Shops which are here attached to Caesars Palace. You can enjoy an animated statue show which is performed at the gap of one hour. You get an opportunity to shop a huge variety of products.

Transport in Las Vegas       
 Las Vegas travel map also consists the various means of transport to get into the city. There are numerous options to travel to hotel from the airport. It you go for shuttle bus, it will cost you about $5 to Strip hotels and for downtown hotels it would be about $7 per person and it will take an hour to reach at the destination.  However, a taxi costs approximately $15 and more than $20 for Strips hotels and downtown hotels respectively and consumes comparatively less time than shuttle buses. In addition to this, you can take a luxurious ride in limousine which costs $15 to beyond $20 to Strips hotels and downtown hotels respectively.

To conclude in Las Vegas travel map, hotel room prices in the city are entirely based on the number of conventions in a town and also their size. To conclude, Las Vegas has various options available for the tourists to make the travel experience unforgettable and ever lasting in their minds and compels them to return back it again.

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