History Of Las Vegas

From the past thousand years, Las Vegas is still remembered as the dwelling place of most of the Native Americans. In year 1829 Las Vegas was invented by some Spanish explorers. Being attracted by the natural setting and the grazing field, the Las Vegas valley was renamed with a Spanish name “The Meadows”

Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort soon became the treasure trove for treasure hunters and dreary travelers crossing the great dunes.

The arrival of Union Pacific Railroad in the year 1905 transformed Las Vegas into a prospering city. The commencement of tourism industry took place with the construction of Hoover Dam.  By the time when casino gambling became legalized and was started in the year 1931, it led to the birth of Nevada # 1 industry. The resort name as El Rancho Vegas turned into the renowned world famous Las Vegas Strip. 

By the time, when second world war going on, Nellis Air Force Base was getting turned into a military foundation to train gunners. Initially it was decided that traning would be given to B-20 gunners but later on it became the training school for the leading fighter pilots of the country. A hotel named as Last Frontier hotel was opened in the year 1942 which was later on renamed as New Frontier and Frontier.
It has been found that now a great change has come into the gaming industry of the country. If in Year 1955, Riviera rose to his prime time with nine stories to his credit, then in year 1959 convention center was opened in Las Vegas and Legislature formed the Nevada Gaming Commission. It was noticed that a drastic change has come in the population figures of the city.

As where in year 1940, the population of the Las Vegas was eight thousand and four hundred twenty two, it raised up to sixty four thousand and four hundred five by the end of 1960.  Same was in the case of the population of Clark County. As where the data showed that in year 1940 the population of Las Vegas was sixteen thousand four hundred and fourteen, it raised upto 1 Lac twenty seven thousand and sixteen.

In the year 1975, 1 Lac revenue was generated from Nevada gaming. But there had been no decline coming in the population rate. It was getting increased day by day. The year 1981 turned out be very memorable as the city celebrated its Golden Anniversary of Gaming.  But if we look at present, Las Vegas caters to the needs of his people and travelers.

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