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Now you can predict the unpredictable Houston weather. One thing that is joked about the Houston weather is that, this city has only two seasons, namely winter and rainy. However the Houston weather is a mixed bag.

On one hand there is humid and sub tropical climate that can make breathing difficult at times and also has the potential of turning a bad hair day into a hair catastrophes. However on the upside, the Houston weather is pretty pleasant.

This area is marked by greenery and is the result of the plentiful rains that it receives. This metro area is a lovely and lush green place.  The worst part of the Houston weather is the summer season. It gets really hot during this time. The summer is typically very long as well. You feel like you are in a hot furnace. The temperature keep soaring, making you feel like it is in the triple digits. July and September are the hottest months in Houston.

As such it becomes absolutely essential to have air conditioning in cars and homes. Death due to heatstroke is very common in Houston among the younger and the older generation. It is advisable not to leave your pet or child inside the car alone even for few minutes. The Houston weather can affect you in more than one negative way. The Houston weather is typically characterized by afternoon sea breeze showers. Being closely located to the Gulf of Mexico, the city of Houston experiences such severe weather conditions.

The sea breezes and hurricanes are often a bit too severe and can claim a thousand of life. The weather of Houston is quite unpredictable. The autumn season is dry and mild but however at times it is cool. The winter season generally starts from the month of January. This time around the year it gets really cold and chilly. It is also the time of the year when it rains really hard. However this is the time when it makes for an ideal vacation to Houston.

Spring is one of the best seasons in Houston. This is the most pleasant phase of the Houston weather. When heading for Houston, always remember to carry an umbrella. The weather of Houston at this time is sunny and it makes your tour really memorable. You are going to cherish this vacation for the times to come. However make sure to travel during good Houston weather.

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