Where To Go Hong Kong

In recent few years Hong Kong has acquired the status of most visited tourist place of world. This city is known for speed, obsessive materialism, shopping addicted people, money and famous brand names.

There are many gorgeous places to go and see that anyone would simply get captured in their beauty.

Below is given the description of few such places-

Victoria Park is foremost tourist place in Hong Kong from where you can get to see the all round view of city and at night it represents the awesome outlook of city. When you go to see the whole area of Victoria Park then you will come through the greener western part of Hong Kong Island. If you are carrying a camera then you can shot picturesque photos of Peak Tower and Peak Galleria.

Another place where you can go in Hong Kong is Ocean Park. This a fun and amusement park and here you can enjoy thrills like Ferris wheel, Dragon Roller Coaster, marine park with Shark Aquarium, and  cultural village. Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park of Hong Kong is famous for its natural beauty. Calm atmosphere and serene nature of Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park makes this place a perfect point to get away from all chaos and worries.

Tourists who like to visit traditional places; Wong Tai Sin Temple is most beautiful Taoist temple for them. This is a very popular temple in Hong Kong and it is also a great embodiment of cultural architecture. There is an amazing fact related to Wong Tai Sin Temple, that here is fortune telling sticks which are capable to predict the exact future. Every year a great number of visitors come here to know about their future with the help of these sticks. Even wedding rituals are performed in this temple. Gorgeous red pillars, bright golden roof decorated with blue friezes and carvings can attract visitors easily towards it. Above all if you are interested to know about the architecture of Hong Kong then Wong Tai Sin Temple is the best place.

Next attraction of Hong Kong is Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery on Lantau Island, where the statue of Buddha is erected which is one of the tallest copper statues in the world. In this statue Lord Buddha are sitting in the posture of meditation on the throne of lotus. It is a major attraction point for Buddhism followers in Hong Kong.

These are the most opted locations in Hong Kong by tourists.

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