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Apart from being a heaven for shopping fanatics, Hong Kong city is an incredible tourist place. When you plan to visit Hong Kong, better enquire well in advance about the weather of Hong Kong, it will assist you a lot during travel.

You should plan for your tour when weather in Hong Kong is comfortable and suitable to you.

Culture of Hong Kong is altogether different from other cities in China. The weather in Hong Kong keeps changing from time to time. During autumn season you can see heavy rainfall and typhoons while in summer it gets too hot and sultry. But there are still some places in Hong Kong which are cooler and get away the heat in summer with amusing beaches. During rainy season you can indulge into number of fun activities in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong generally the average yearly temperature remains about 22.8 degrees C. Although heat is not dry in this city but it gets very humid at times resulting in unbearable sultry weather. You can experience here humidity up to 100%. From May to September heavy rains occurs in Hong Kong. The marvelous fact about Hong Kong is that here you can get air conditioner fitted almost at every place. So, you do not need to worry about humidity of Hong Kong. In summer seasons days are long and nights are short. Contrary to it, in winter seasons days are long and nights are short. Winter is not very cold here and mostly temperature keeps on around 17 degrees C. However, the best season of visiting to Hong Kong is spring and autumn.

From May to October strong winds and typhoons are the common things in Hong Kong. It is mostly rainy season throughout the year except the period from May to late September when heavy rainfall takes place. During the month of October temperature comes down to 60s F. This is the most appropriate time of traveling to Hong Kong for tourists because during this time you can get clear weather and so you can enjoy seeing more sights. From December to February, weather is very cold in Hong Kong. Snow never falls in this city and frost arises only one or two times in whole year.  

Thus, weather is not constant in Hong Kong and it changes very frequently. This complete information about the weather of Hong Kong will make your tour to Hong Kong not only easy but will also enable you to make whole preparation about upcoming situations in advance.

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