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Travelling to Hong Kong is a memorable experience. But there are some facts that you must know before travelling to Hong Kong. The most significant of these facts is that there is no need of a visa to travel to Hong Kong.

A number of free days ranging from a week to about three months are set in Hong Kong. If you decide to tour Hong Kong in these fixed days you do not need a visa. But you need to have a visa to get a work permit over there.

Currently it is an administrative region of China. So, China takes care of all its overseas relations. But the monetary and business relations are handled by Hong Kong itself. The country airport of Hong Kong opened in 1998 is the third most active airport in Asia. There are a number of other amazing facts related with Hong Kong which attracts the tourists.

Way to Hong Kong
Traveling to Hong Kong has become very easy because of a number of frequent flights that connects it with many countries and cities all over the world. The administration is spending a lot of money and time to expand the local transportation facilities in the region. For commuting In Hong Kong a number of transport facilities are available which include ferries, taxis, bus, private cars and railways which makes the traveling more convenient.

Some Important Travel Tips
The travel tips are very useful for those who are traveling to Hong Kong for the first time. The various guidelines that must be followed while traveling to Hong Kong to avoid any inconvenience have been given below:

1.  People having problems relating to breathing and water diseases must avoid the tour to Hong Kong. This region inhabits a number of beaches that can exacerbate your problem.

2.  At some times the weather conditions there can be quite cold. So, donít forget to take some warm clothes along with you.

3.  Be sure that you are having appropriate documents with you or sufficient limit of free visa stay.

4.  Make sure that you are wearing full sleeve clothes and have covered your legs and hands if you are planning a visit to temples or religious places. Remember to take off your shoes before entering in the temples.

5.  If you are preparing for a water sport adventure take a professional with you who can help you out. Always prefer equipments of superior quality.

6.  Avoid hurting the emotions of local people. By abiding to these travel tips you will definitely have a good time and a good tour.

Remember the travel tips for Hong Kong and enjoy a comfortable and pleasurable time in Hong Kong.

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