Tourist Attraction In Hong Kong

Visiting the tourist attractions in Hong Kong is an excellent chance to explore and discover the magnificence of Hong Kong City. The tourist attractions are full of architecture and chronological perspectives to attract the tourists.

Given below are some of the most popular tourist attractions that witness huge crowds:

Victoria Peak: Also famous as Tai Ping Shan, Victoria Peak is touristís favourite in Hong Kong. Located at the southwest, the height of this mountain is 552 meter and is surrounded by parklands. Victoria Peak is visited by about 7 million tourists annually. Two most popular shopping hubs are also located near this peak, which offers of almost anything and everything you can ask for. For reaching there you can take the help of Peak Tram.

Ocean Park: Situated at the southern district, this park is designed especially for the people who are still young at heart. It covers an area of about 870000 square meters and witness about 5 million of tourists annually. The main attractions of Ocean Park are butterfly garden, Giant panda display, shark tank, three storey aquariums, amusement park rides and many more.

Star Ferry: It is the oldest attraction of Hong Kong which connects many tourist attractions of Hong Kong with each other. It has been a major form of haulage for last so many years in this region. Your tour to Hong Kong will not be completed without a ride on Star Ferry.

Aberdeen Harbor: Situated at the south most shore of Hong Kong, Aberdeen Harbor comprises of a number of floating seafood eateries that serves various sea foods and local dishes. You can reach there through Pok Fu Lam Road. This place also by stands a large crowd every year.

Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery: It is one of the nearly all admired Buddhist monasteries. In the central building it comprise of simple interiors whereas at the entrance a copper statue of Sakyamuni - the Big Buddha is placed. It is the largest; about 34 meters tall, outdoor Buddha sculpture known worldwide which portrays Buddha in a meditated pose at a lotus.

Hong Kong Disneyland: It is the first theme park of the region and fifth latest Magic Park all over the world. It is located on Lantau Island and almost 35000 people visit to this park everyday. The main attractions of the Disney land are Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, Disney parade, Sleeping Beauty Castle and Original Artwork. Tourists travelling with their children must pay a visit to Disneyland.

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