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Hong Kong is as much famous for its developed stature that talks about the marvels of modernity as of natural beauty. This gateway to China and Southeast Asia has more to offer.

From captivating shopping experience to stunning beaches, hiking trails and surviving fortresses of Chinese village life, the city has it all. With admirable infrastructure and an organized underground system you can come through the most spectacular view of city life in Hong Kong.

Victoria Peak (Tai Ping Shan) is the highest mountain peak in Hong Kong and rises to a good 552 meter above the land. During your visit to Victoria Peak you will also get to see the well maintained Victoria Peak Garden.  A park on the lofty peak gives you some breathtaking views and scenes of Hong Kong. Every year almost seven million people come here to see this wonder.

Aberdeen Harbor in Hong Kong is the place of major interest for tourists and it forms a part of South District. Basically Aberdeen Harbor is occupied by the boat people living in the harbor and the floating seafood restaurants. These boat people are related to fishing industry and apart from that many refugees also live on boats in the harbor.

Shopping centers in Hong Kong are equipped with all unique things, which make it a shopping paradise. Shopping places like Stanley market, Central market and Mongkok are famous in Hong Kong. Here you can purchase everything from women garments, jewelry, men clothes, and toys to articles of arts and crafts.

Moreover the Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery is a point of great interest and attraction for tourists. It is situated on western Lantau Island in Hong Kong and is famous as the Buddhist Kingdom in the South. The prime part of Po Lin (Precious Lotus) building is decorated simply and at the gate there is a huge copper statue of Sakyamuni - Tian Tan Buddha, that is the largest statue of Buddha all over world. This place exhibits the real cultural heritage of Hong Kong. 

For spending memorable weekends there are several tourist destinations in Hong Kong where you can indulge in activities like water sports or can go for sightseeing. Lantau Island is considered as the largest island in Hong Kong. After all if you get tired you can further rest in your luxurious hotel room and enjoy lively nightlife. For living your night life in Hong Kong you can explore many bars, pubs and restaurants which are always crowded.

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