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Hong Kong is the most preferred destination for fashion models, artists and actors. The trendy shopping experience in Hong Kong leaves a lasting effect. Numerous shopping centers flourish throughout the city.

In Hong Kong you can shop anywhere either in traditional streets or in sophisticated and chic shopping complexes.

There are innumerable malls, shopping centers and supermarkets which are visited by thousands of people every year. The flower market in Hong Kong is a flourishing one is the hub of both imported and locally grown and produced flowers. Here you can find flowers at cheap prices as compared to any other place.  

Descriptions of some of the famous and popular shopping places in Hong Kong are as follows:

Stanley Market
Stanley market is always packed with shopping enthusiasts who prefer to buy the best in the city. Being the center of souvenir shops this market is prefect for buying small souvenirs for your friends and family. It is an excellent getaway in Hong Kong. The reason behind the popularity of this market is cheap prices and the quality of goods. But before laying your hands on any you need to be expert in bargaining. Silk garments and traditional Chinese dresses are major shopping attractions in Hong Kong. Many more items for which you must visit the Stanley market include toys, ornaments, luggage, souvenirs, and Chinese arts and crafts.

Tung Choi Street (Ladies Street)
Tung Choi Street, Hong Kong is to be found between Boundary Street and Dundas Street in Mong Kong. Packed with all woman accessories, dresses and other items, this market is a haven for ladies shopping. Tung Choi Street (Ladies Street), Hong Kong is also known as Goldfish Market or Goldfish Street. In this market you can find all varieties of fishes.

Hong Kong Museum of Art
The Hong Kong Museum of Art offers a beautiful and unique collection of arts. Here in this spectacular museum you can enjoy at the rate of sheer entertainment. It gives you an insight into the cultural heritage of China.

Shanghai Tang
Shanghai Tang was founded in 1994 by a local businessman called as David Tang Wang Cheung. It is the most spectacular shopping complex in Hong Kong equipped with candles, albums, CDs, fragrances, tray, boxes, stationery, bed, tableware, decorative items and frames. Here you will get to see the awesome combination of tradition and modernity in every article. 

Central Market
The middle market of Hong Kong called as central market is famous for Chinese furniture, joiners and cabinet makers. Central market, Hong Kong consists of four storey structure with 200 booths inside the market place. Central market has two entrances - The Des Vouex Road Central entrance and Queen's Road Central.

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