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Hong Kong has ever remained to be the travelerís fascination. Speak of its mouth watering cuisine or the exaggeratingly wondering range of shopping, Hong Kong is one place that will never let the travelerís expectations down.

Perhaps the Hong Kong travel guide will not be able to translate the rich mix of culture that defines Hong Kong for you. There has been strong British influence in Hong Kong for quite a long time besides the Chinese connections.

This has led to a frenzied vibrancy that is not to be found any where else in the world. The Hong Kong travel guide will well suggest you about the wide range of festivals that are hall mark of this place. From the Chinese Lunar Year festival to the Christmas, from the Spring Lantern Festival to the New year celebration, there are just so many grand festivals all round Hong Kong that you may feel pampered of options anytime of the year. You need to consult your Hong Kong travel guide well in order to decide upon the festivals that you would like to be part of in the luminous streets of Hong Kong.

Though Hong Kong is now a part of the Peopleís Republic Of China, it has its own laws regarding immigration. That means you will seldom have to get the visas long time ahead unlike the way it happens in mainland China. The extremely modern Hong Kong International Airport, also called as the Chek Lap Kok, serves as the major get way to Hong Kong. For five long years it has been termed as the best airport of the world.

Your Hong Kong travel guide will also suggest you with several other means of efficient transport system to get to this wonderful place. There is also good quality ferry service available that your Hong Kong travel guide will give you the details of. Once you are in Hong Kong it is a real heady task to choose from the options of internal transport that are available. It is so because each of them are of such great quality. Your Hong Kong travel guide might suggest the Octopus Card system which is such a famous mode of internal communication.

 Apart from shopping, cuisines and the festivity, the Hong Kong travel guide will also suggest you to have the experience of the places of interest such as the Victoria Peak or the Museums. There are also several buildings and places that will give you an impressive picture of the local heritage. So, consult the Hong Kong travel guide and donít lose time in getting it this wonderful land.

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