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Hong Kong is known for its convenient transport, quality customer service and fast speed. This place has been under British influence for a long time and now it is establishing more and more Chinese connections.

Chinese cuisine is accepted throughout the world. Once after getting into Hong Kong, it is not tough to roam around in the city. It has highly developed public transport system that at times it is hard to choose the right a particular means of transport.

Victoria Harbour: It is counted among the biggest and busiest sea ports around the globe. If one takes the route of the Star Ferry, there are various are various routes available.  

Victoria Peak: It is a marvelous tropical place to watch the scenic beauty of the place. Trams are available to reach there.

Hong Kong Space Museum: This museum exhibits the astronomy and space science. Since it is located close to the Star ferry, transportation, it is easy to reach there.

Various commonly used means of transport in the city are:

Underground Railway: Use Mass transit Railway to take a trip in the city.  It is the fastest as well as underground network in the city. But being the fastest it has a negative aspect for the visitors as they miss the views around.  

Train: Kowloon to Canton is linked by the Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR); moreover, it is also a prominent line. However, the railway is up to East Tsim Sha Tsui, from here one can take the Mass Transit Railway and the Star Ferry.

The KCR West establishes link between Nam Cheong to Sham Shui Po

Tram: Trams in the city are operated by Hong Kong Tramways which trail on the north coast of the city. They provide the visitors with the cheapest sightseeing option.

Bus: There are three types of buses i.e. large double-decker buses, public light buses and feeder buses. Visitors usually have the only option of taking the service of these buses near the southern island and Lantau.

Octopus Card is a contactless payment card which is used to pay fare in these buses. However, one can also pay in cash but the fare must be exact as no change is given here.

Ferry: Ferries ply between various islands of the city. The most prominent among them is the Star ferry as it provides breathtaking views of the place between Kowloon and Central. 

Taxi or Car: There is an efficient service of taxicabs. They have also been rated as the cheapest in all the major cities around the world. As far as cars are concerned, they are hardly heard in the city. Due to its heavy traffic, intricate road network and rarely found parking places; renting a car is not preferred here.

Cable Car: One can enjoy the ride of cable car Ocean Park located on the southern of Hong Kong Island.

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