Hong Kong Restaurants And Nightclubs

Hong Kong is well know for serving food which is prepared from the fresh ingredient and cooked by the most excellent chefs in the world.

Luxury restaurants, Dai Pai dong, dessert houses, friendly teahouses are plentiful in Hong Kong.Beijingese, Korean, Shanghainese, Italian, Sichuan, Indian are the food varieties which are easily available in Hong Kong,

Tea drinking is quite common practice among the Chinese life; therefore tea is part of every occasion. The well-preferred teas of Hong Kong are the Chinese Tea Ceremony, Hong Kong Yum Cha or British Afternoon Tea. In the hotels, when the waiter brings a tea for the customer, the customer taps the table with three fingers, in order to say thank you to the waiter.

Yum cha is the most suggested tea, and Dim Sum is superior quality of yum cha. Varieties of Dim Sum  range from shiu mai,har gau,cha siu bau ,au yuk ,fun gwor and tsuen guen to spareribs.Congee which is a thick rice porridge along with meat and preserved eggs, chicken, fish slice, sea food, is not only mouth watering and nutritious, it is the food for which traditional cuisine is  known for.

Hong Kong people works hard, but at same time they do activities for leisure also. Hong Kong offers diverse varieties of wines. Hong Kong provides an exciting nightlife. What one can do in Hong Kong either take a luxury night cruise over Victoria Harbor, or Stroll in the bubbling streets with the locals visit pubs and  nightclubs. Star Ferry's Harbor Tour, Pearl of the Orient Dinner Cruise, and Tsing Ma Night Cruise provide the views which are really eyes soothing.

 Wanchai is the area, which connects from home to the well known Suzie Wong. Wanchai gets open after 10 p.m., but at the same time other cruise, starts in afternoon or early evening .Not only this, there are other large number of low priced and jovial restaurants.

Tsimshatsui and Wanchai are among the famous points for recession. Young crowd can be seen in Lan Kwai Fong, which is very common. Almost all the hostels have bars, with a soft music which is repeatedly visited by residents of Hong Kong as well as guests. Bar ranges from HK$40 to HK50. Most of the bars do good business during happy hours as they get success in luring more and more people.

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