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The chief attraction in Hong Kong is its mouth-watering cuisine. It represents not only traditional and modern Cantonese cuisine but also the regional cuisines of China, e.g., Teochew and Sichuan.

The residents of Hong Kong eat more than in any other country, without paying much for it, especially when it is to be had in local restaurants.

Hong Kong is famous for Dim Sum, morsels made of Cantonese cuisine served along with procession of carts and tea. Dim Sum is often served for a family get-together or during the breakfast or lunch time.Prepared in typical Hong Kong style, which now has started its appearance in Asia, are Cha Chaan Teng. Fast foods have been adopted in western and eastern part of the city. However innovative foods that have recently been introduced are baked rice with cheese, stir fried, and noodle with spam.

There is variety of drinks to be savoured including Yuanyang.Freshness is a key feature of exotic Chinese food. As such the market is often flooded with fresh butchered beef and pork.  The maids in the house usually go to the market to purchase fresh ingredients in order to cook food.Sai Kung and new territories serve sea food to tourists and locals. They have special tanks to keep sea food alive and fresh. One can also find his fill of fresh sea food in Hong Kong coastal areas.

Chops tips are used in Hong Kong instead of chopsticks in small food joints. But one can get a chopstick on a request.Among the famous food centers, Dai Pai Dong is a popular one which is cheap and famous among local people. Sha Tin Wai is always suggested to the visitors as one can find real Hong Kong cuisines and can enjoy real life style amidst the people of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has started a new variety of international restaurants which serve cuisines around the world and intercontinental dishes. These international restaurants can be seen in Sohi or Knutsford terrace or Lan Kwai Fong, but these restaurants are not confined to entertainment places only.Barbecue are available free of cost at many barbecues pits. It is a good time to pass it over here with the locals. Here local people enjoy by roasting their own food with the help of barbeque, fish beef, meatballs, etc.

The best way to find a good drink and at reasonable price is to go to the bar and ask for those on which special offers are available. Most of the times there are special offers on the drinks which provide a quality drink at an economical price. In wanchai, On Wednesdays drinks are offered to ladies free of cost, as it is considered a ladies day.

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