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Hong Kong is known for its vivid and effervescent cultural legacy. The culture of this region is a reflection of its ethnic diversity and true soul. As time passed by, the culture of Hong Kong experienced a number of changes and is now better known for its contemporary stance.

The culture has been broadly influenced from Buddhist traditions as well as from various other religions.

A clue of Chinese Culture can be found imitated in the arts and crafts of this region. The most exclusive and famous work of arts which displays the ethnicity and customs of Hong Kong are Chinese antiques, pots traditional silk garments, centuries-old opium pipes, vases, imperial embroidery, porcelain, musical instruments and handicrafts.

Talking about the architecture in Hong Kong, a number of business and housing towers have been built in last few years which reveal its gorgeous and lively artistic legacy. The architecture is the major reason for the popularity of tourist sites in Hong Kong. The architecture of Hong Kong also comprise of some of the best examples of contemporary designs like Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Headquarters.

A number of options for entertainment are also available in Hong Kong. Hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and bars organize special programs for tourists where you can go with your family and friends. Live shows, jam sessions and karaoke are the other famous sources of entertainment. The culture of Hong Kong also provides you with a plenty of opportunities to witness the dynamic and lively nightlife of people living in Hong Kong. The restaurants, nightclubs, piano and jazz bars come alive in the evening with youth merry making all around.

Buddhist influence can be clearly seen in the music and dance culture of Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong give a lot of importance to music and dance as they strongly believe in preserving their traditions and values. So, Hong Kong music and dance are important part of weddings and other celebrations which includes performances of a number of folk singers and dancers.

Hong Kong is now recognized as a multi-ethnic city that provides many modern amenities for its leisure. But music and dance in Hong Kong still remains the most popular. Culture of Hong Kong greatly influences the life of people living there. The imprints of culture can be seen in every part of Hong Kong.

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