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Hong Kong is a tourist friendly destination for all visitors of the world and is considered as a great prize for a tourist exploring the global tourist map.

The city enjoys a pleasant weather and beholds numerous attractions that make it worth travelling to Hong Kong. It is the most popular city in China, the cynosure, known for its treasures of art and culture.

Culture & Festival
If you are really keen to know about the culture of Hong Kong then you must stay close to the administrative region when it is observing entertaining cultural events and festivals. A little self-indulgence in different sports such as basketball and tennis in Hong Kong will leave a great affect.

Hotel, Restaurant & Bars
All tourist in Hong Kong may miss most of it but not the exotic delicacies and food. According to a survey it is considered as one of the favorite places for connoisseurs of good food and wine. There are hundreds of restaurants and bars in the city that can be seen eagerly waiting for the visitors with warm welcome. The hotels are expensive here but good news is that things are changing for better. Many Asian tourists and others traversing the border of China reach here to feel its art and natural beauty.

Public transport in Hong Kong is attractive for tourists and residents alike because it is more reliable and affordable, clean and safe. For the convenience of guests, a three-day Hong Kong Transport Pass is a good incentive. There is also MTR. Visitors who stay for a week or more can ask for about Octopus Cards, which are available at MTR station with unlimited validity.

Despite of the fact there is n economic degradation in last few years, Hong Kong city is gradually changing its landscape with a plethora of shopping malls being set up. Fortunately, Hong Kong has various shopping offers for its tourists as well as locals. Those who prefer to remain in the safe zone can select from some of the prominent shopping areas in the city center.

National Park, Art Gallery & Museum
Visitors reaching Hong Kong should not miss an opportunity to pay a visit to the number of museums, artifacts galleries as well as national parks in this city. You should also make stirring effort and see explore all the tourist places of Hong Kong. Every tourist place has got something novel to present. Transport facilities in Hong Kong are not only comfortable but also easily accessible. All this makes the traveling experience a very entertaining and memorable.

Alluring Beach
The attractive beaches of Hong Kong are must to visit tourist places. The seashores such as Hung Shing Yeh and Golden Beach gives number of facilities that make your visit highly pleasurable. If you wish to enjoy your whole tour near the beach; you can take accommodation in number of Hong Kong hotels and resorts situated at the beaches.

Night Clubs
Most of the metropolitan night clubs occurs in central city but if you want to go for local nightclubs, there is plethora of option for you. They all give full entertainment to visitors. This city is unique. Anyone planning a break from the monotonous life should consider Hong Kong as an ideal destination.

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