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Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is an inspiring city where the noise runs parallel to the serenity of its vast surroundings. The city is a dwelling place of a varied collection of tourist attractions that presents the city’s past, present, leisure, art and culture in a nutshell.

Camera Obscura and The World of Illusions
Camera Obscura and The World of Illusions is an inexplicable experience for both the tourist who visits it for the first time and and the one who comes time and again. Situated in the striking Outlook Tower at the summit of the Royal Mile near Edinburgh Castle and the Castle Esplanade, this fascinating attraction offers five stunning showcases and presents the magic of photography.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle is inarguably Scotland’s precious gem and is the icon of this country’s imperial and the chequered history. Even in contemporary times it has retained its status as a powerful and symbolic landmark to the country’s rich and vast cultural heritage.

Edinburgh Zoo
Edinburgh Zoo, established by the Royal Zoological society of Scotland, is truly a pictogram of the conservation of wild life from all the ecosystems of the natural world.

Loch Ness Discovery Centre
Being situated in the cultural heart of the Edinburgh Old’s town, it offers golden opportunity to the visitors to explore the veritable natural environment through photographs, facts and figures and above all loch natural history and ecology.

Natural Monument
It is also known as ‘The Athens of North’ and is a classic example of Scotland’s strong adherence to the period of clarification, when art embraced Hellenic styles and influences.

Royal Observatory Visit Centre
It houses an attractive collection of space research and contemporary astronomy blended with modern astronomical and optical instruments which offer a breathtaking view of the solar system.

The Place of Holyrood House
It is now the official residence of Queen Elizabeth and the locale for the state ceremonies and official entertaining for the Queen by the time she is in Scoltand.

The Royal Yacht Britania
The Royal Yacht Britania, the world’s finest ship is built on the banks of the river Clyde at John Brown’s Shipyard, one of the existing Glasgow Shipyards.

The Scottish Parliament
The Scottish Parliament caters to various matters relating to the welfare of the country such as education, health, prisons which were previously monitored by Westminster.

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