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For most time of the year Edinburgh has a pleasant weather and suitable to travellers. The place witnesses changing weather conditions that switch quickly from sunny summer days to damp showers that pour from time to time .

May and June are ideal visiting months as average temperature here is 6-16 C (61- 43 F) but visitors can unexpectedly see rain at any time. Here weather change so quickly that a rainy morning all of sudden will give way to sunny afternoon. The most significant character of Edinburgh’s weather is Haar - a dense, cool fog.

The rainyt month of Edinburgh is December, January and February. Snow is not that frequent in winters. The best time to travel for a tourist given to the greenery and vegetation is spring season. At this time parks wear a  beautiful and pleasant look. Winters have favourable temperature especially in daytime when temperature rarely touches the freezing level. In summer temperatures are quite normal. 

Like the rest of the Scotland, Edinburgh’s temperatures are mostly governed by the sea, but it is mild compared to the climate observed in north latitude. The proximity of the city to the sea mitigates any big changes in temperature. Since Edinburgh city is situated between coast region and hill so it is well known as a wind prone city. 

With predominant wind direction coming from the southwest, which is associated with warm, changeable air from the Gulf Stream that increases to, rainy.  Actually Edinburgh has lower precipitation compared to most of the cities of UK. It is more than 100 mm less than Dublin. The winds that come from easterly direction are generally drier but colder. But rainfall is distributed through out the Edinburgh. 

Weather is not the only reason to come to Edinburgh. Winters often get very cold but you find that this city is a romantic hot-spot, if you really want to enjoy it. A good thing about Hogmanay (New Year) is that it is rapidly followed just after anniversary of prominent personality and heroic poet Robert Burns (Burns Night, January 25). It is one of the funniest occasions if you know about it.

The most happiest month weatherwise are May to September, while the most peak seasons to consider is August to early September, when the Festival of Edinburgh is observed, plus the festive days of Fringe Festival. Dangerous Atlantic depressions also known as European windstorms can make a lot of tumult between October and March. This is not a very good time to visit Edinburgh.

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