Restaurants And Nightclubs Edinburgh

Restaurants Edinburgh offers a variety of food to eat served by diverse restaurants in the city. Scotland has the largest fishing fleets in UK, which provide for great many sea food restaurants. For the people who relish fish and chips, Edinburgh serves fish and chip shops. Indian food is on number one position which is liked by British and Chinese. Italian food is quite famous among tourists and local people.

Some famous restaurants are:

Fez Restaurants- it is specialized in exotic and aromatic dishes, much known for its couscous (dish prepared with semolina, vegetables, meat) and tagline. It serves Moroccan and meditterranean cuisine. It remains open from Monday to Saturday, and timing are 12p.m to 2 pm and 5pm to 12am.

Harvey Nichols Edinburgh- the restaurants look like a square so it is known as forth restaurant. Brasserie and bar of restaurants are on the back side on same floor of restaurants.

Nightlife in Edinburgh is best enjoyed in the festival season. There however is a slump during the rest of the year. There are great many venues, where different clubs participate. City centre clubs remains open till 3 a.m. in the morning. Throughout the night you will find voices coming out of jazz and rocking music from pubs

 The famous night clubs of Edinburgh are

Cas Rock Cafe- is the dance club for dancing and live music. It is situated near the art college, which brings young and trendy crowds to cafe, The floor is small, which creates problem as the crowd increases in the evenings. It is ideal for the persons who are looking for club lunacy. The floor is packet on most of the evenings.

La belle Angel-is a place where most of the crowd is young. It is famous for its manga night, which usually occurs on every Friday. For live music Bannermanís is a cozy pub, where one can feel as if it is a home celebration. It sponsors jazz on Wednesdays and rock on Saturday.

The famous pubs of Edinburgh are Ė

Bow Bar is also known as best drinkerís pub as it is famous for its huge selection of ales and whiskeys. One can choose among 140 kinds of available malts.

Cafe Royal Circle Bar-It is near to seafood restaurant, so most of the crowd come here after having their dinner in restaurant. One has to move early in order to get better and less crowded space for enjoying elegant baroque furnishing.

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