Edinburgh Food And Drink

Food Edinburgh is an excellent place for people who live to eat. Edinburgh provides a vast collection of food items and drinks to choose from, depending upon the taste and price.

Some well known food items are-

Scottish beef- Aberdeen - Angus breed of beef is famous for its rich and tasty meat. The caterers prepare meat in the same manner as they use to prepare in olden times, but these marvellous chefs have been reduced to very few these days. You will often hear the people say that Scottish beef is no more as delicious as it used to be.

Scotch pies-It is round in shape, approximately of 4’’ in size. Scotch pies are made without a pie tin; these have the filling of minced meat. Though mutton was used in olden days but it has been slowly replaced by beef. Wallace’s pie shop is quite famous for its Scotch pies.

Hotch –Potch – It is made by boiling mutton, beef or chicken. There is no compulsion on the type of vegetable to be added in it, one can put any vegetable of choice like cabbage, leeks, carrots, etc. However if you are using any hard vegetables be sure to boil it first with a pinch of barley in it.

Bannocks - it is biscuit made of barley and oat-flour by baking them over the griddle. Nowadays bannocks are eaten by people along with cheese.

When a thought of drinking something comes to the mind, then first option would always be whisky, even though beer, soft drinks and wine are among national heritage. One-third of income comes by the way of duty imposed on importing wine in Edinburgh. There are large varieties of drinks available, from where one can choose as per the budget. The Whiskey Museum situated at the top of Royal Mile is among the best places, as it provides a large collection to choose from. At the same time these drinks are available at reasonable prices. The environment in whiskey museum is not very loud like other pubs. Here food is also available at an economical price.

The famous drinks of Edinburgh is -

Scottish whisky- is a very popular whisky; it is prepared by distilling from barley liquor. It is also known by the name ‘water of life.’ There are two categories of whisky.

Malt whisky – it is more costly. It is produced as a single distillery’s product.

Blended whisky – it is of low-price and well-known and is the multiple distilleries’ product.

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