What To See In Dallas

Dallas is a city full of sights to visit. It happens to be one of the biggest cities in the United States of America. The city has a very high density of population and proudly hosts a lot of attractions which make the visitors come. Dallas is a very favorite tourist destination.

The state over all has a well developed tourism industry.

Those people who visit Dallas enjoy their stay here. You can find a lot of places in Dallas which you will enjoy visiting. These places range from the historic monuments and museums to zoo and parks. Dallas is also the place where President John F Kennedy was assassinated. The Dealey Plaza, from where the assassin shot the president is a sight where visitors and tourists usually visit. On the sixth floor of the plaza, there is a museum which depicts the presidentís life and the assassination. The museum contains photographs, records and film clips concerning the president.

If you are history buff, and want to now the facts behind the assassinations of some famous historic and political figures, there is the Conspiracy Museum, which will give you a more detailed knowledge of the conspiracies related to these assassinations of Robert Kennedy, John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King with memorabilia and exhibits. You can go visit the museum any day from ten in the morning till six in the evening. For those who enjoy visiting museums, Dallas acts as a paradise. The place has a lot to offer to those people.

You can find a lot of informative material while visiting the museums at Dallas. There are many museums in Dallas, each one possessing many unique and interesting features. The place is loved by those who are interested in knowing the historical facts. Dallas is a financial and mercantile hub of the state. Although, the city has its history as being the heart of the cattle industry till the 1850ís.

There is a huge bronze sculpture of a cattle drive named The Trailing Longhorns at the Pioneer Plaza. The sculpture shows 40 cows driven by cowboys down a hill. The city hosts some fabulous festivals and arboretums, amongst which The Dallas Arboretum is the most famous in which sweet gums, Japanese maples, and other trees fill the atmosphere with color. There have been 17,000 Chrysanthemums planted for the fall festival. The best time to visit these arboretums is from October to November.

 During these months the weather at Dallas is really pleasant. The tourists enjoy visiting all these places most in the spring and autumn seasons. In spring Dallas is full of colors. There are lots of flowers in the parks which make the city even more beautiful. If you visit Dallas in spring season, you will enjoy visiting the parks as they will be green and full of life and color in those days

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