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Dallas, the third biggest city of the American state Texas, is also the countryís seventh largest city. The city is populated by around six million people.

Dallas is a great city to visit with its touristís attractions and lively environment. The city is located in the state of Texas.

Texas is located towards the south of the North American subcontinent. The state lies on the Northern coast of the Caribbean Sea. Dallas is located towards the Northern side of Texas. The climate of the city has a clear oceanic effect and is truly tropical and sub humid in nature. The city is divided into two major areas, the loop, which is the center of the city, and the metro area. The loop is the central part of Dallas with the downtown area and has all the activity going on in here, whereas, the metro is more of a residential area with around five million people inhibiting the place.

Dallas is a typical sports city, with its cowboy culture; it is home to a number of famous clubs and teams such as, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, Dallas Desperadoes indoor football, Dallas Cowboys, and FC Dallas Soccer. It is a wonderful place for sports lovers with unlimited sports fun. The city is full of golf courses on the northern side, which also give the city a very peaceful and beautiful landscape. There are a number of lakes in the city which account for all the water sports. People who love fishing and water skiing would love the place too.

Dallas is a warm city, with long and hot summers. The summers are a bit uncomfortable with stifling temperatures. The temperature during these months can rise well above 90 degree Fahrenheit, but the heat is still bearable, as the city is not humid. The city has a lot to offer, and you will enjoy the place a great deal if you make yourself comfortable in the environment. Southern hospitality is an important part of the city and you will feel it a great deal while exploring the city, visiting the restaurants, pubs or bars and also while shopping.

Dallas has its own fashion sense; the place has some great shopping malls and also is the origin of the famous designer label Neiman Marcus. It is a city full of entertainment and a superb tourist destination. Over all, you can say that Dallas offers a lot to its visitors. You may belong to any part of the world, you may be in any kind of profession, you may be any kind of person, Dallas is one city which has one thing or another to offer you. This makes Dallas one of the very popular tourist destinations.

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