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Dallas is an exciting city which offers you a variety of sights to see. Every city has its own attractions. Some of the cities are popular being historically important.

Others may offer you a modern way of life. Visitors are attracted equally to both of the kinds. Dallas is one city which offers you both of these aspects. Dallas happens to be one of the very favorite tourist destinations.

People from all around the globe visit Dallas. The city has a rich Texas culture and is an interesting place to visit. The city is also witness to the tragic assassination of President John F Kennedy. These features make Dallas one of its kind. Dallas is popular among tourists. There are a lot of places which people visiting Dallas always like to visit. The museums present in Dallas are liked by almost all people who visit them.

The city has some excellent historic museums related to these assassinations. The Sixth Floor Dealy museum which offers information in the form of movie clips and pictures of that tragic day. The Conspiracy museum, which offers alternative information about the conspiracies related to some of the most heartbreaking assassinations of some very famous political personalities. Dallas museum of Arts, presents some famous artwork regarding the eastern and western backgrounds from all times.

 Meadows Museum of Arts is also a popular art center. Nasher Sculpture Center is a outdoor art center with a fantastic collection of sculptures in the downtown district if Art. The sculpture collection of Raymond Nasher, a Dallas collector, is really astounding. Dallas can be rightly considered as one city which has lots of historic information. All these museums can be considered as very good source of information. People who are interested in gathering histories information like to visit these museums.

Most of these tourist attractions are related very close to the city center. The down town area is not only rich in cultural point of view, but it also offers a lot more to the tourists. Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park is a marvelous aquarium of aquatic animals. Dallas World Aquarium is a unique aquarium plus zoo, the zoo starts from a rain forestís canopy. The tour of the zoo takes you past many animals and end up at the aquarium.

The city of Dallas does not only possess few excellent museums of the world, but there are also many parks and zoo in the city. You can enjoy your visit to Dallas by visiting all these places. The parks and zoo are well maintained. This is the reason that people from all other parts of the world especially visit these parks when they are in Dallas. Dallas offers a lot to its visitors. It is a unique mosaic of rich culture and modernism.

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