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Dallas is a hub of extremely fabulous restaurants. The city is full of great eating places, with every place having its own unique identity. Mckinney Avenue, a street lined with some grand restaurants and drinking places.

It would be really a bad thing if you are in Dallas and can not have food at one of the restaurants here.

In the North Side of Mckinney, lies the Knox-Henderson area, which is also as famous for its eateries as the Mckinney Avenue is. On the West side, is the High land Park, the place is full of restaurants , café’s and bars along with shopping centers. Just across the freeway is the Henderson area, the best eating places here are the Cuba Libre, Hibiscus and Fireside Pies.

Addison is a suburb lying to the north side on the Beltline Road. This small area has the highest number of per capita restaurants in the whole of United States. You can find every type of cuisine here, it is a place to visit for food connoisseurs and eat to your hearts content. Dallas has a lot of restaurants which range from those which are extremely expensive to those which a tourists pocket can easily afford. You can find lots of fast food chains in Dallas. The city also has a number of restaurants which serve Mexican food.

Being neighbors we can find very clear impacts of traditional Mexican food in Texas. There are many Indian, Japanese and Thai food outlets located in Dallas as well. Lower Greenville is a neighborhood on the south of Mockingbird. This is a typical neighborhood with a semi urban atmosphere. You can find diverse cuisines in this neighborhood, with places that rage fro sushi bars to Lebanese restaurants.

The weekends are very crowded over here, as all the residents gather in the bars and café’s and you can enjoy a party like atmosphere. On the further north end, the place become a bit mature, although the mood still remains bohemian.Dallas has a number of Gentelmen’s Clubs. These clubs are safe places to gather and have a drink or two. These clubs are located on the Northwest Highway area.

 These clubs offer good atmosphere and can be a good choice if you want to experience some typical Texas drinking bar in a manly way. Some of the best clubs are The Men’s Club, The Lodge, Silver City, Baby Doll’s and the Million Dollar Saloon. If you want to enjoy your stay at Dallas, the city offers you a lot. There is a lot you can explore as a tourist to make your visit to Dallas memorable for your self. You will enjoy eating here. The large variety of cuisines available at Dallas is a proof to this statement.

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