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Dallas happens to be 9th biggest city in the United States of America. This city is a very popular tourist destination. People from all parts of the World visit Dallas.

The place receives lots and lots of visitors from all across the globe every year. The city has a tropical climate due to its latitudinal location.

It has very pronounced seasons. If you want to visit Dallas, you can plan to visit it in any season. Every season has its own pluses and minuses. It depends on you, which time suits you the best.

The summers at Dallas are extremely hot. The months of May, June, July and August are extremely hot. The months of July and August are especially very hot. Although the temperature in these months is much higher than the comfortable range of temperature for human beings, the climate has very clear impacts of rainfall. All the summer months are extremely wet in Dallas. You can experience a day of strong sunshine followed by two days of complete cloud cover or of a thunderstorm. Some of the people prefer visiting Dallas in summers because the rainfall can be something really attractive for them.

The winters are cold but not dry. In the winters snowfall is common. For those people who are interested in seeing snow covered Dallas, winter months are the best time to travel to Dallas. You can visit Dallas in the months of December, January and February if you are interested in seeing the city fully snow covered. The snow cover does not last for long here. So if you want to see Dallas covered with snow, you will need to plan your visit carefully. Otherwise, the winters at Dallas are not very cold. It is thus a really good time to visit Dallas. You can enjoy the cold crisp air in winters here.

The best times of the year at Dallas are the seasons of autumn and spring. Spring is very pleasant and it is full of colors. The autumn season is also very pleasant. Spring season in the state of Texas is full of colors. There are lots and lots of flowers grown in these months. You can enjoy your visit in this time f other year much better. In the spring season the weather at Dallas may change abruptly.

The autumn season is also very pleasant and is a really good time to visit Dallas. The autumn months can be given preference over even the spring months because in autumn Dallas does not get hit by storms. In spring season, although generally the weather is really pleasant, but there may be some storms. Keeping all these points in front of you, autumn months, from September to November can be considered as the best time to visit Dallas.

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