What To See In Chicago

Chicago is a fascinating city, with so much to discover and explore, that it becomes difficult to get started. The city has abundant attractions and sights to see which can keep you busy till the end of your vacation.

Chicago is a city to keep you interested and entertained by offering a range of tourist attractions and also historic landmarks and cultural events for a fully enjoyable visit.

The city is always hosting one or the other festival throughout the year, so it is always a festive season in Chicago, which will not let you get bored at any cost. Even if it is not festivals you are looking for, there are numerous other distractions the city has, which you can choose according to your interest and suitability. The city is full of parks, historic landmars, famous buildings, and above all beautiful beaches with parks for everyone to enjoy on a fun filled summer vacation.

The whole city of Chicago can be viewed from the John Hancock Observatory and also from the Sears Tower Skydeck. The Navy Pier offers an interesting motion simulation which takes you through a journey of Chicago’s past, present and future. The Navy Peir also has a number of boat tours for you to take, you can enjoy the city from the waters and also enjoy the amazing boat rides, and these tours show you all Chicago landmarks along with providing you the essential information about the city so that your visit becomes easy and enjoyable.

Chicago is home to the two biggest and finest zoos of the country. Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo, which are both highly recommended for visits with family and kids. Chicago is a city of festivals, and you are bound to see one whether you visit any time of the year without even planning it. The city has boundless energy and you are liable to get caught in it while visiting.

The city of Chicago is full of museums, and most of them are open all days and are free to visit. There is the Lurie Garden at the Millenium Park, where you can enjoy nature at its best, horticulture staff is there to answer your questions about anything you would want to ask about the plants, their blooming season, the maintenance of the garden or even about native plants.

James R Thompson Center, a beautifully designed glass and steel wonder, is worth visiting, with a number of government offices and restaurants and stores in the three story building. North Park Nature Center is a center where you can interact freely with wildlife, and nature. It is a treat for nature loving people, and also for those who want to experience something out of the ordinary.

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