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Chicago is an exuberant city with an awesome skyline. It is a famous tourist destination, with thousands of people visiting the place every year. It is home to renowned academic institutions, and is a mix of religious and ethnic diversity.

The city is famous for its beautiful architecture and huge shopping malls. Chicago is full of life with diverse seasons and color all around. The city has tranquil parks, busy highways, and friendly residents.

Chicago is a center for cultural events, with exhibitions, festivals, parades, and numerous cultural events taking place all year round. The Art Institute is famous for an extraordinary collection of classic art work of French Impressionists and also works of famous American artists.The city has a rich architectural background, many famous architects of America belonged to this city and the Prairie School of Architecture formed by the prominent architect Frank Lloyd Wright flourished here.

 Chicago is also home to the first steel framed building in the world, the Reliance Building, which shows the genius of architects who worked here and prospered here along with their profession and made Chicago a hub of architecture. The modern city of Chicago has The Loop as its focal point. The city has the Great Lake Michigan towards its east side. The city is home to almost fifty culturally diverse neighborhoods. The old Chicago was famous for its steel industry and meat packing tycoons, today, Chicago also excels in the fields of information technology, communications and financial institutions.

Research and development is another area where Chicago has made a mark and is improving day by day. Chicago also has a long list of very famous academic institutions to its credit as well. The city has been a center for trade and business since a very long time, and has been a very active business center of the country.The residents of Chicago are fun loving people and apart from cultural activities and trade, they also love sports.

 The parks along the beaches are usually full of people playing some sport or the other in their leisure times. Clark Street is the place where all the baseball lovers hang out and Wrigley Field, where all major Baseball clubs play. Chicago vibrates with energy, and this energy is representative of the original American history.

Chicago consists of many neighborhoods, and to truly understand the city, it is essential to venture these places which are away from the city center and The Loop areas. It is always a good idea to explore the whole city if you have enough time at your hands, then only you can truly reach to the soul of Chicago city.

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