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Pick up any standard Chicago Travel Guide and you will come across more tan one reasons to plan your nice little vacation to this magnificent gem of a city. Situated close to the Lake Michigan, Chicago is the third in terms of the largest cities of the US.

It comes only next to New York and Los Angeles in order of being the largest city in the entire country. The Chicago Travel Guide will suggest you with the wonderful experience down the shore line of the Lake Michigan and the downtown skyline.

.The Chicago Travel Guide will also definitely mention the fact that this particular skyline is considered by so many as the most picturesque sky line in the world.  Chicago is a fast progressing city in the country where modernization rules the roost. The old Chicago, typically portrayed in so many Hollywood films with the smoke chimneys and the hoodlums is a thing of the by gone days. The Chicago Travel Guide will surely give you an idea of the fast developing modern aspects of the city that will surely draw your intense interest.

There are so many aspects attached to this particular city that make it one of the hot spots for tourists almost all round the year. Needless to mention the slice of history that is attached with this city, the Chicago Travel Guide will also tell you of a host of other elements of varied taste and kind that will draw you to this place.

Get hold of a standard Chicago Travel Guide and get to know about the high quality of transportation that is available in and around the city of Chicago. The Chicago Travel Guide will certainly have separate mention of the two very large and busy airports. Apart from the airways, the city is also served well by bus and car services that add alternate dimensions to your travel to this city.

Once in Chicago, you have just so much to do and see. The quality Chicago Travel Guide will perhaps help you a lot in case you can judiciously plan out your time out there consulting the Chicago Travel Guide well in advance. Here you can be a part of the Itinerary of ‘Along The Magnificent Mile’. There are so many museums, and several other places of rich architectural interest that you perhaps won’t manage time for all. Any ways, it is a place you simply cannot afford to miss.

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