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United States of America is over all well connected to the rest of the World. Chicago is one of the most populous urban areas in USA and it is one of the very popular tourist destinations. People like visiting Chicago a lot. Many hundreds

of tourists visit Chicago every month. These people reach Chicago by traveling through air ways, rail network, roads or by water ways.

Chicago is well connected not only to the rest of United States and North American continent but also to the rest of the world. The mode of transport you choose to reach Chicago is dependent on the region from where you are coming as well as on your budget constraints. If you do not need to worry about your budget and you have enough money with you, you can travel by air.

Some of the people prefer traveling by sea to reach North American continent. Chicago can be reached while using water ways. St. Lawrence River and the great lakes allow the ships and steamers to travel till the middle of the continent. Thus those people who are tight on budget can reach Chicago through water ways. This means of travel is a bit cheaper as compared to other methods.

There are two international airports located in Chicago. One of the air ports is located towards the south of the metropolitan area while the other is located towards the North West of the Chicago metropolitan area. You can take a flight to reach Chicago from almost any where in the world. Almost all the renowned air lines have their flights scheduled to Chicago. The airport which is located to the south of the city is called as Midway international air port.

The one which is situated towards the North West of the city is called as O’Hare internationals air port. These two airports happen to be amongst the busiest airports in the world.  Gary/Chicago airport is another airport which serves the same region. If you want to reach Chicago by road, it is a very good idea. There are nine major interstate highways which connect Chicago to many other major metropolitan areas.

These interstate highways are in very good condition and thus you can plan a very peaceful journey by road. I-57, I-90 and I-94 are the most important highways which originate from Chicago and connect it to the other parts of the country. Many people prefer using road network over other means of transport to reach Chicago.Some of the people prefer using trains to reach Chicago. There is a very efficient rail way network available to those who want to travel by train to Chicago. This method is cheaper than traveling by air

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