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Chicago is a great place for dining. There are restaurants and eateries scattered all across the city. It is a place for good food and you can find places of your choice by checking all the famous names and places.

The city offers all types of cuisines and lots of bars. While in Chicago, you can not be out of new and interesting eating places to try out every other day, on the contrary, you may not be able to visit all of them,

if your stay is not a very long one, therefore, it is good to make a list of some of the special places you would like to visit and eat or drink at, so that you do not miss out on any particular place of your interest and choice.Chicago is the city with a variations of pizza, you can find the most delicious pizza in the city according to your choice, it is the inventor of deep dish pizza, which is a deep pan pizza filled with sausages, bell. The North River area is full of good bars, the best among them are the Chicago Hard Rock, Lalo’s, Ed Debevic’s and Excalibur.

 The Streetville neighborhood contains peppers, onions cheese and a lot more to ask for, it is a favorite of the city and kids just love it. Its not yet the end, you will find mouth-watering stuffed pizza and thin crust pizza too. The stuffed pizza has a lot of toppings and loads of cheese on it, it is a double layered pizza which looks like a pie. You can find the best stuffed pizza at Bella Bacino’s, other places like Edwardo’s and Giorano’s are also worth trying too.

Apart from specializing in pizzas, Chicago also leads all You can find most of the pubs and bars either on the River North, Gold Coast or the West Loop. Apart from these areas, night clubs are also found around the Wrigley Field, Lincoln Park, which has a a lot of college bars, where college students usually hang out. North American states when it comes to tasty hot dogs. The city takes hot dog making very seriously and you will them to be the best of all the other places.

Chicago, due to the German and Polish immigrants, has acquired a great taste in hot dogs. The downtown area is the best place to taste Chicago’s hot dogs, and Portillo’s is the place which gives you the best of it.When it comes to drinking, Chicago is full of pubs, bars and drinking cafés in the city. It is the highest rated bar town in the whole country many trendy and expensive bars and hotel lounges for people who like sophisticated ambience.

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