Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona city has many small districts and they each have a distinct identity of their own, check Barcelona travel guide for reference. The Gothic Quarter has many a roman ruin and stately palaces and spired cathedral.

The districts of El Born and La Ribera have much medieval architecture and also the place where you can buy many chic bags and designer wear.

Barcelona travel guide has the details. Every district has a truly unique feel to it, Barcelona travel guide has the list of districts in the area which you can consult and review.

According to Barcelona travel guide, the best known chef for Spanish cuisine Ferran Adria is taking the fusion cooking to the highest levels. There are many other talented chefs who are also pushing the envelope with their cooking talents. Barcelona travel guide tells that many like Romain Fornell are sticking to the basics and yet giving the customers the true worth for their money.

Barcelona travel guides gives you the best time to travel, while the tapas scene is quite hot here, it’s not as hot as it is in Madrid. Barcelona travel guide lists all the famous eateries, search for the small bars that are tucked away in the neighborhood of Born district.

For complete listings of the shopping centers, check Barcelona travel guide. If you are looking to shop for the high end stuff then head towards El Born for boutiques and shops. Visit L’Eixample for offbeat food and fashion. Some of the famous shops are Carrera Y Carrera (the famous jewelry brand), D409, Ici Et La etc. If you check the Barcelona travel guide for shopping details, you will find many names and famous place listings.

When planning to stay in Barcelona, there is no dearth of hotel options, again Barcelona travel guide helps. These include top end luxury hotels, sexy boutiques and some smartly styled apartments that are very reasonably priced. AC Miramar has been turned into a luxurious hotel which has 75 bedrooms and is spectacular look. It has an excellent La Forestier restaurant which is not to miss. There are many deals for travel to Barcelona, check with your travel agents and also ask for a Barcelona travel guide.

Get into the true spirit of the moment and enjoy each district everyday. Have fun and come to Barcelona for any kind of vacation that you want. Barcelona travel guide will answer all your questions and confusions about the travel plans.

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