History Of Barcelona

Learn more history of Barcelona The Barcelona history dates back to 2500 years when the Carthaginians and the Phoenicians first settled here. Their main purpose was to develop it as a port.

It is said that Barcelona got its name from the Carthaginian ruler Amilcar Barca from where the original name Barcino emerged. Romans who took over Barcelona later used this name.

When the Roman Empire disintegrated, the Visigoths invaded and occupied Barcino and also renamed the city Barcinona. At the beginning of the 8th century the moors took over Barcelona while they are on a conquering spree from North Africa to south France. Barcelona history was again molded when the Franks under the leadership of Louis the Pious established a military hold over Barcelona.

The most important phase of Barcelona history was when the Carolingian empire established a number of counties. Among these Barcelona emerged as the most important counties of all. According to Barcelona history, the Catalan nation originated with Wilfred the Hairy, Count of Barcelona. He was the one in the Barcelona history who introduced the hereditary system of succession. He is better known in the Barcelona history for uniting Barcelona with the other Carolingian territories. 

Year 998 in the Barcelona history witnessed how Count Borrell II attained freedom from the Carolingian kings for the County of Barcelona. He was later the prevailing military and political power in the region of Catalonia.  The initial part of the 19th century saw lot of uprisings in the Barcelona history. For the first time in 1814 the workers staged a strike in the middle of lot of disturbances, bombings, and several other conflicts. This desire for change paved the way for different reforms.  The Barcelona history went through another dark phase during the earlier half of 20th century.

Military repression at Barcelona was the reason for many disturbances at Barcelona. Later however after lot of effort Barcelona overcame the period of repression. The republican rule in 1931 gave new hope to the city but this was not the end of problems for Barcelona. Soon in 1936 the Spanish civil war broke out when Barcelona saw the worst period ever. Barcelona history took another turn when following the civil war, Franco’s dictatorship began. Ultimately in the year 1975 with the death of Franco, democracy was back at Spain. Barcelona once again went on to becoming the capital of Catalonia. Soon after this there was tremendous level of cultural and industrial growth at Barcelona.

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