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Know more about the Barcelona weather before you set off. The Barcelona weather is warm, welcoming and pleasant all the year around. The prime reason behind such friendly Barcelona weather is its location on the shore soft e Mediterranean.

This city has well defined seasons with fairly predictable temperature and weather. However the only problem that one can face regarding the Barcelona weather is the high humidity level.

Since it is on the sea coast it records above 70% of humidity level. Of all the twelve months June and August are the warmest months and mostly the temperature soars well above thirty degrees Celsius. However it is only in such Barcelona weather that you can make the most out of your vacation to Barcelona. The summer months are the perfect for having a relaxing vacation by the beach.

Sun bath by the sea shore or the pool side or perhaps just walking through the La Rambla in light clothing and sipping on your cold drink can make for an ideal way to unwind and relax. However you can experience the best of Barcelona weather by the end of summer and beginning of fall. It will add to the pleasure of vacationing if you start your journey in the months of September or December. During this time of the year, you get to have a lot of sun and yet the temperatures are lower and milder than that in summer.

The best thing about the Barcelona weather is its predictability. The Barcelona weather is traditionally hot and reliable, with an average rate of rainfall. It is in the months of September and October that Barcelona experiences the maximum rainfall. There are many green patches all around the city which are nourished by the rains. Barcelona weather in the winter seasons also never gets too harsh. Temperature never rises above the ten degrees Celsius. As such Barcelona never gets too cold.

However the ideal months for visiting Barcelona would be May, June and September. During this time of the year, the Barcelona weather is pretty enjoyable. You can avoid the occasional extreme heat. However Barcelona is blessed with good weather for most part of the year. January is the coldest of all the months, with temperature dropping down below thirteen degrees Celsius and August is the hottest month with an average temperature of twenty nine degrees Celsius. However for almost all the seasons of the year, Barcelona weather offers sunshine.

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