Barcelona Airport & Roads

Learn more about airports and roads of Barcelona Located on the south-west of Barcelona city, Barcelona airports is very well connected with roads. If you want to know more about Barcelona Airport & Roads, then you can easily search more about it on the internet and avail information.

Barcelona airport is situated only at a distance of 3 km from the Port of Barcelona. This port is better known for being a leader in the cruise market.

This is the sole airport of Barcelona and is known as “L’Aeroport del Prat” among the locals. Since its expansion in the year 2005, it is now spread over an area of 300 hectares. Barcelona airport and roads are so well linked that if you want to travel between Barcelona airport and roads, then you will not have to encounter any difficulty as such. Although Barcelona airport is on the outskirts of the Barcelona city, even then the distance between Barcelona airports and roads are easily accessible.

The airport of Barcelona comprises of three main terminals A, B and C. It largely depends upon where you are traveling from to decide how the Barcelona airports and roads can be joined. However you do not have to spare much thought on this as most of these terminals are very close to each other. Barcelona airport offers lots of facilities to its passengers. All round the year it has operative services for 24 hours. Barcelona airports and roads are easily accessed by all means of transport.

The airport also has facility for vehicle parking which also can be availed round the clock. Apart from this there is information service where you can get details about the facilities and services provided by airport and also avail information about the different flights. Special facilities for handicapped are provided here. The distance between Barcelona airports and roads can be covered through taxi. Getting a taxi is no big deal and you can find one very easily.

However the intense traffic of Barcelona can be a hurdle when it comes to commuting between Barcelona airports and roads.  This can drive you mad at times. You can also bridge the distance between Barcelona airports and roads if you take an aero bus. The benefit of this Aero bus is that here there is special privilege for the disabled persons. These buses also have luggage racks where accommodating big suitcases is not a problem at all. Even if you are traveling between Barcelona airports and roads in the dead of night, you can relax! There is a regular night bus by which you can travel easily at night.

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